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Vancouver BC

Distance Run Club was a running group based in Vancouver's Riley Park neighbourhood from 2019 to 2024. Find us now with the cool kids at Fraser Street Run Club.

Feeling sentimental? Check out our routes below.

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Wednesday Routes

24-Hour Party People 10k
Nanaimo-a-G0-Go 10k
Rock'em Sock'em 10k
Selkirk Du Soleil 10k
What's Up 10k
Teen Wolfe 10k
The Full Nanton 10k
Distance Dave's Favourite Fatlek 11k
Gurdwara Grind 10k
You Want Fries With That? 10k
Great Green North 10k
Skull-O-Ween 10k
Seventh Avenue Screamer 10k
Queen E Vert Loop 10k
Sea To Sky-ish 10.5k
Grip It And Rip It 10k
Jacques Cartier 10k
Fleming-Queen E Figure-8 10k
Science World 10k
Windsor Midlothian 10k
Langara Loop 10k
Trout Lake Loop 10k
Arbutus Greenback 10k
Hillcrest Inverness Loop 10k

Distance Run Club ran into the sunset on May 12, 2024. If you have any questions about Distance Run Club, please direct them to Dave.

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